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Our mission: To revolutionize the pre-owned vehicle market by putting the needs of the public first and using technology to create a fair and accessible marketplace.

Who We Are

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CarSolve is a revolutionary online car selling platform founded in Vancouver, WA that connects car owners with dealerships to facilitate seamless transactions. We streamline the car selling process by eliminating haggling and providing a platform where dealers compete in a bidding war to offer the highest price for a seller’s vehicle.

By leveraging this competitive environment, CarSolve ensures that car owners receive the best possible value for their vehicles without the need for traditional negotiations. CarSolve aims to simplify and optimize the car selling experience, empowering sellers to make informed decisions and maximize their profits while keeping track of the sale live on our CarSolve app.

If you are a business owner in the area and are interested in partnering with us, or a potential customer looking to sell your vehicle for the most money, give us a call at (360) 718-7424 today.

Get the MOST money for your vehicle

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Providing support and maximizing the value for your vehicle is important. The professionals at CarSolve understand that and are here to arm you with the tools necessary to get you the most return on your vehicle investment.

We go to work for YOU

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If you’re tired of the back and forth from dealer to dealer looking for the one who will pay you top dollar for your vehicle, look no further. Let our CarSolve agents go to work for you and put your vehicle in front of credible dealers who are looking for much-needed inventory to put on their lots.

List your vehicle any time, anywhere

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You can spend days, weeks, or even months managing third-party listings and gathering offers from dealers and still not get the price you’re looking for. Fortunately, CarSolve has strong relationships with a vast network of buyers who will put offers on your vehicle in real-time. This gives you the ability to monitor the auction from the comfort of your home through our CarSolve web app.

Got Questions? We've got answers.

While you won’t sell your car directly to CarSolve, our agents will go to work for you and help you list your vehicle to our certified network of dealers. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, like listing your vehicle on our platform and communicating with dealers to get you the best price for your car, and you can monitor the sale of your vehicle live from your device using our CarSolve app.

We realize there are many online options in selling your car. We also know that most of those options give you an instant offer (which is usually much lower than market value) and leave you to figure out your next steps. CarSolve acts as your trusted advisor and ambassador to solve your car problem. A CarSolve agent will discuss your vehicle value and guide you through the process to receive the most money for your vehicle.

The key to higher returns on your vehicle is competition and accountability. Once we have analyzed the market value on your vehicle and you have set your target sell price, we represent your car on our local dealer marketplace for live bidding. This is a digital auto auction for your car, handled by the team at CarSolve, to position your vehicle for the highest sell price.

Once your vehicle receives the highest offer, we lock in the price between you and the dealer. Once we connect both parties, all you have to do is drive your vehicle to the winning dealer and collect your check!

When you sell your house, you work with a Real Estate Agent. They know the industry, they know market pricing, and they do the work to bring you the most money for your house. CarSolve is bringing this concept to the Automotive Industry. We’re here to guide you through the process and make sure you get the most money possible for your vehicle.

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